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It’s true. According to the CDC, heart disease, cancer, and strokes killed 1,666,780 people in 2021 alone. Many of them had no symptoms until it was too late to treat them.

But these deadly diseases and illnesses as detectable, preventable, and treatable if you catch them early.

Early detection and prevention can be a challenge for most Americans and the problem is built into our healthcare system, which operates more like a “sick-care” system.

In the United States, you must be symptomatic for physicians to order tests because of insurance and procedural practice limitations, but as we all know, early detection saves lives and the best detection is before symptoms appear.

But over the past decade, there’s been exciting advances in early detection using body scan technology that feels like it’s been pulled Star Trek, except it’s real and it’s here today.

Steve Maler lost his mom to late-stage diagnosed breast cancer. Amidst the overwhelming grief of losing a parent, he suffered incredible guilt wishing he could have done more.

“I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. There’s nothing worse than watching someone you love die,” Steve shares.

That is why he founded the preventive screening company, Advanced Body Scan. He wants to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

He came across CT body scan technology about 12 years ago and thought, “We could use this to look inside the body and find the tell-tale signs of heart disease, cancer, and other deadly illnesses.” To his astonishment, no one was doing that at the time.

Computed Tomography, or “CT” technology, has undergone revolutionary improvements since its inception in the 1980s, with the greatest advancements taking place in just the last decade.

“The preventive screening technology out there today is literally the Starship Enterprise compared to where it was just a couple of decades ago.”

Over the past 11 years, Advanced Body Scan has scanned over 65,000 people and saved countless lives.

One of the most startling statistics from tens of thousands of scans is that if you or someone you love is over 40, there is a 65% chance that one of you has a life-threatening disease you don’t know about yet because it’s asymptomatic or undetected.

“Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s also the kiss of death. When it comes to your health, curiosity is king and knowledge is power.”

Advanced Body Scan screens all major organs and can detect things like heart disease, many cancers, and other major systemic illnesses before they are symptomatic or detectable by traditional methods.

There are no needles, no dyes, and no invasive procedures. It’s completely painless. You lay down on a comfortable bed for four minutes and a board-certified radiologist reviews your scan.

If something is identified on the scan, the medical team talks to you immediately and makes direct introductions to doctors in their database.

No more waiting for weeks or months to get the treatment you need.

The body is a miraculous machine. If you have one of these diseases, it compensates, sometimes for many years. In one case, they identified cancer in a patient’s body that had been growing for probably eight years. She was asymptomatic.

Dr. Crook, an Advanced Body Scan client, only had a few symptoms. He ran the largest emergency room in the largest hospital system in Oklahoma for over 30 years, but like many, he procrastinated about finding out what was causing his symptoms.

Steve literally dragged him to the machine one day and on the same day, the radiologist called and said, “You need to get this guy in today.”

Not only did Dr. Crook have a blockage, but he also needed bypass surgery. Today, he’s out riding his motorcycle and doing great. The scan likely saved him from a life-threatening heart attack.

Predictive Health Care Is Here, But We Have To Make The Choice To Seek It Out

Another top physician came in and while he was being scanned, Marler went to check on the physician’s wife in the waiting room. He offered her a scan. A short while later, the radiologist called and said he needed to talk to both of them. The doctor had prostate cancer and his wife had kidney cancer, but neither of them had any visible symptoms. The couple was stunned, to say the least. Both received treatment and are alive and well today.

Steve has countless stories like this. People’s lives have been extended and their quality of life improved because they were scanned early and got treatment. Many choose to get scanned regularly now, purchasing scans in packages. A first scan establishes a baseline to compare against future scans over the months and years making it easier to identify any changes.

Advanced Body Scan has clinics in Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City and has plans to expand around the nation.

Many patients opt for the introductory heart and lung scan since this is where most of the serious conditions occur first. Recently Advanced Body Scan has been offering discounted incentives for both individuals and couples, sometimes up to 90% off the regular price.

Visit AdvancedBodyScan.com/xxxxxxx to inquire of special promotions are still available


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